Having firmly established herself in the cut and thrust of the London scene, the early years of her career found her signing tracks to some of the most respected labels in the field, working in high profile collaborations and honing her reputation as a DJ.

It was as a DJ Anthea most made her presence felt upon arriving in Berlin, where the city's generous set times and extended opening hours made a natural fit for the immersive narrative of her performances. Nailing the perfect balance between psychedelic excursions and killer grooves, playing at spots such as Panorama Bar, Hoppetosse, with a summer residency at Club Der Visionaere and around the world at Fabric-London, Resolute-NYC, Goa-Rome, Closer-Kiev, Rex-Paris to name a few... show a testament to the skills and selections at her disposal. Throughout this period, a steady stream of her original productions have continued to surface amongst a community of like-minded labels and artists.

As well as her artistic endeavours, you can also see the evidence of Anthea's commitment to cutting edge house and techno in her A&R work in previous years to Brouqade Records. Meanwhile her own Partisan project was launched with monthly parties in Moscow, while the accompanying label provides a platform for artists that closely align with her discerning taste. To date there have been many sold out releases with showcases around the world. 

Anyone who finds themselves locked in on the dance floor when Anthea is at the controls will attest that she's highly adept at manipulating time, whether she is using trippy selections and hypnotic blends that melt away the hours, or piecing together music from across different eras and making it sound natural, her sets include acid house, electro, minimal, breaks and or emotional techno. It’s in this devotion to the most exciting sounds, whenever and wherever they might come from, that has made her such a potent force in the house and techno scene. Trends might come and go, but Anthea's approach is a timeless constant.