A victim since birth almost Arno already possesses a mountainous collection of music as well as the knowledge and experience to use it wisely and well.

Europes finest venues know all about the Einzelkind effect. Fabric in London, Space Ibiza, Panorama Bar and Watergate in Berlin, Sankeys and of course Robert Johnson were quick to realise that Arno is a class act.

This is an intuitive artist with an ability to induce and find the mood where perhaps other Dj colleagues might not. Whether it be warm-up, the prime time slots or an after hours situation Arno always knows how to drive the car and joins you in finding the destination. He understands the dancefloor and on another level is producing first class beats for premium musical outlets like White, Infuse, Playhouse and Cocoon but there is something else happening here. Mighty interesting.

Arno is the curator of 2 highly respected labels - La Peña and Pressure Traxx.

The big boys cannot get enough of the fruits from these ventures. And now the Pressure Traxx Siver Series, a vinyl only sub label pushes the boat out even further. The first release “Beatrok” from Vinyl Speed Adjust was pulling up trees into the New Year

The ‘Revolver’ album (co-produced with fellow Frankfurt comrade Christian Burkhardt) saw Arno delve into the depths and offer up a fully rounded long playing record. So rare in modern dance releases.

With Einzelkinds co-producing projects under the name of “Rhythm Factory” and “Hot City Orchestra” there is more proof if you need it of the wide spectrum within quality House and Techno music that Arno embraces.

A thirst for breaking tracks and local artists is ever prevalent on his radio show Einzelkind Connected – an outlet to present the hottest unreleased material from the Frankfurt area. 2014 was speckled with debut appearances at the legendary Love Family Park and Sankeys Ibiza as well as terrific new music. 2015 promises even more for and from Einzelkind.

Meet a man at the forefront of cutting edge 4/4 electronic music.