Markus Fix

Everything started for Markus Fix in 1992 with a gift from his brother - a Behringer 3 canal mixer. Kraftwerk, Yello and Off were the artists who opened his ears for electronic dance music and subsequently acted as inspiration for his own creativity.

In 1994 he made his first visit to the Omen in Frankfurt where in one evening he saw Sven Väth, DJ Dag and Frank Lorber and over the next years the inspiration he found that night helped him tune his own sound on the decks.

In 2000 Markus and two DJ's friends founded the ‘Project 2000’ and at the same time, Markus became resident in the Frankfurt bar Helium. Appearances quickly followed in different locations as well as a notable residence in the U60311 where he was left surprisingly free to indulge his own taste. However, his musical style did develop and right now he is into the sounds of Perlon, raummusik and Tuning Spork and finds himself playing alongside DJ T, Tiefschwarz, Dominik Eulberg, Loco Dice, Tobi Neumann, Ewan Pearson, Martin Landsky, Dinky, Troy Pierce, Vera, Dorian Paic, Chris Tietjen and many more at clubs like at Monza, Frankfurt; Blu in Ibiza and across Europe…

As we move into the latter half of 2008, Markus is being lauded as one of the most exciting talents to emerge this year, with a stream of acclaimed releases behind him on Cecille and Oslo, which have caught the attention of Ricardo Villalobos, Onur Ozer, Radioslave, Luciano, Monika Kruse and Karotte.